Abstracted safety data from the Boat Safety Scheme 2015 Annual report of incidents and accidents

During the year there was 8 people killed in boating activities on inland waterways or related coastal activity.

Of 7 MOB incidents 3 were whilst the boats were mooring or in locks. We are aware of these dangers but don’t always take enough care.

There was 1 death due to carbon monoxide poisoning. The BSS has 4 other CO incidents reported during the period, fortunately not leading to death, Again we are aware of this danger, please use an alarm.

There were 9 reported fire incidents during the year, thankfully without loss of life. In addition there were 7 fire incidents involving 17 boats during the year.

Please take care when filling, especially with petrol plus if using screw on gas canisters.

Please take the time to read & head the messages in the BSS fire and CO safety information (the blue & red leaflets)

If you can share these leaflets amongst your fellow boaters please let The Boating Association have your details and where leaflets can be posted to.

 Enjoy your boating but STAY SAFE.

Vacancy for a User Group Representative on the BSS Management Committee

Due to a resignation there is a vacancy for a User Group representative on the BSS Management Committee.

The following information is drawn from information provided the last time a vacancy occurred and may help identify suitable persons.

The BSS Management Committee is responsible for the overall management of the Boat Safety Scheme on behalf of the Navigation Authorities including the quality, cost effectiveness, long term viability and adding or removing BSS requirements. More information is available here http://www.boatsafetyscheme.org/about-us/governing-the-bss/

• Candidates must have access to email and the internet and (in the near future) be prepared to utilise the planned secure BSS committee member website in order to view and review uploaded documents.
• Note that no names or contact details of committee members are published outside of the BSS committees.
• Two meetings of the BSS Management Committee are scheduled to take place each year, in March and December respectively, but the frequency of meetings may reduce or increase as the level of activity demands. Candidates must be able to routinely attend these meetings and, if required, prepare a brief report of meetings for the BSSAC user group reps.
• Meetings are generally held in the Westminster area of London and generally last between 11.00 and 14.00. Much of the work of committee members is done in advance of meetings in response to committee papers.
• The initial tenure of the position is three years, although this can be extended by agreement.
• Bearing in mind that the BSS Management Committee can sign-off on new BSS construction and equipment requirements that could affect owners’ ability to enjoy their boats, it’s essential that the committee achieves the right person. It is anticipated that the selected candidate will act as the conscience of the committee at the point of the decision and after the user interests have been vocalised at the BSS Advisory Committee.
• This role will be considered as representative of users generally and it follows that the successful candidate must have credibility in the eyes of anyone who may challenge why one person was chosen above another. However, there is no requirement for any candidate to hold a position of office within any boating organisation.

Lock Keeper of the Year 2016 announced

TBA_LockKeeperAwardWe are very pleased to announce that on the 7th April 2016 the Lock Keeper of the Year Award was presented to Pete Smith.

Pete has been an outstanding lock keeper not just during 2016 but for many years. Having been a familiar face at Newark Town Lock previously he can now be found slightly further afield as the need arises always putting in his best efforts throughout the seasons.

We know that you will join with us in our congratulations to Pete, well done and thank you from all at TBA!

lockkeeper of the year 2016
Pete Smith being presented with Lock Keeper of the Year award 2016 by Ray Rogers

Lock Keeper of the Year Award 2017

As part of our partnership with the Canal & River Trust and to further our relationship with boaters and lock keepers we developed this award a few years ago.

We ask you to please take a moment to nominate your favourite lock keeper for next years award, to be presented at the lock keepers meeting.

Perhaps it’s your local keeper, a friendly folk who always lends a hand? Maybe it’s a keeper who you met upon your travels and helped you out or was particularly memorable?

We urge boaters to nominate their favourite lock keeper for next years award via our Facebook page here

2012 Winner - Neal Fahey
2012 Winner – Neal Fahey



Navigation closure notice: River Ouse, Navigation: Closed, Towpath: Open

Notice Alert

River Ouse
Starts At: Barmby Tidal Barrage
Ends At: Barmby Tidal Barrage

Thursday 10 March 2016 00:15 until Thursday 10 March 2016 23:45

Type: Navigation Closure
Reason: Water resources

Trial taking place as per:

ENVIRONMENT AGENCY Water Resources Act 1991

(as amended by the Water Act 2003)

Barmby Tidal Order

Notice is hereby given that further to the trial that occurred on 11 April 2013, the Environment Agency in cooperation with Yorkshire Water, Natural England and the Open University is going to operate some further short term trials on the operation of the Barmby Barrage on the River Derwent over the next five years. This notice will last for this period.

The trial will be designed to help us understand the impact of the barrage on the hydrology of the lower Derwent and to help the protection and enhancement of the grasses of the flood plain meadow, whilst safeguarding the wider nature conservation interests.

The intention is, when flows in the river Derwent are 24 cubic metres per second, 20 cumecs and 16 cumecs as measured by the Agency’s gauging station on the Derwent at Buttercrambe and when there is standing water on the Meadows: we will

  • Open the gates at Barmby Barrage such that the Derwent level is allowed to follow the Ouse level to its minimum at low tide, then closing them on the rising tide to avoid Ouse water flowing back in.
  • This will be over a half tidal cycle (once over one day).
  • Repeat this opening and closing regime over different flow bands, on different days.
  • We will gather data from recorders at Bubwith, Elvington, East Cottingwith, Loftsome Bridge and Barmby Barrage.

Based on the response to these trial events, new management guidelines could be drawn up to protect the meadows against the prolonged water logging events that are currently threatening the future of the traditional plant and wildlife communities, for which they are designated under the European Habitats Directive.

Licensed abstractors on the affected river reach have been notified.

A copy of the proposal, maps, plans and any other associated documents may be inspected free of charge at Barmby Barrage, Barmby on the Marsh, Goole, DN14 7HX during normal office hours, Monday to Friday.

Any person who wishes to make representation about the

proposal can do so in writing to Karen Wooster, Environment Agency, Lateral, 8 City Walk, Leeds, LS11 9AT or by email to karen.wooster@environment-agency.gov.uk

For further advice about making a representation, a leaflet – Making your views count – is available by calling the National Customer Contact Team on 08708 506506. Any general enquiries about this notice can be made by telephoning 02030256808.

You can view this notice and its map online here: