Abstracted safety data from the Boat Safety Scheme 2015 Annual report of incidents and accidents

During the year there was 8 people killed in boating activities on inland waterways or related coastal activity.

Of 7 MOB incidents 3 were whilst the boats were mooring or in locks. We are aware of these dangers but don’t always take enough care.

There was 1 death due to carbon monoxide poisoning. The BSS has 4 other CO incidents reported during the period, fortunately not leading to death, Again we are aware of this danger, please use an alarm.

There were 9 reported fire incidents during the year, thankfully without loss of life. In addition there were 7 fire incidents involving 17 boats during the year.

Please take care when filling, especially with petrol plus if using screw on gas canisters.

Please take the time to read & head the messages in the BSS fire and CO safety information (the blue & red leaflets)

If you can share these leaflets amongst your fellow boaters please let The Boating Association have your details and where leaflets can be posted to.

 Enjoy your boating but STAY SAFE.

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