An urgent appeal from the Boat Safety Scheme

An urgent appeal has gone out to boaters from the manufacturers of Belling, Flavel, Leisure and New World cookers – act now to avoid the risk of potentially fatal carbon monoxide poisoning. As a result, the Boat Safety Scheme (BSS) is urging boat owners, including those that rent and hire their craft, to check the brand and model of their cooker as there is a serious risk of carbon monoxide poisoning from some models. Free modifications by the suppliers’ engineers to the cookers are available to prevent the risk of CO if the grill is used accidentally with the door shut. This is a quick and simple operation. The Boat Safety Scheme advises any boat owners with the following appliances to call the free-phone number 0800 342 3049 to have their appliance modified as soon as they can:

• Belling G755 Mk II White

• Belling G755 Mk II Anthracite

• Belling GT755 White

• Belling Countrychef 100G Silver

• Belling Countrychef 100G Anthracite

• New World Vision 50TWLM Silver LPG

• New World Vision 50TWLM White LPG

• New World Vision 50WLM Silver LPG

• New World Vision 50WLM White LPG

• Leisure AL6NDW

• Leisure CM10NRK

• Leisure CM10NRC

• Leisure CM101NRCP

• Leisure CM101NRKP

• Flavel DCGAP5LS

• Flavel AP5LDWP

• Flavel AP5LDW

• Flavel AP5LDSP

• Flavel Milano ML5NDS

The BSS is also alerting anyone with a battery powered carbon monoxide alarm supplied by Lloytron (model B822) or PowerPlus (model BWK034C/Ref 6167) that some units are being recalled. Recent tests have shown that some batches may not detect (and hence may not sound an alarm) in the presence of certain concentrations of carbon monoxide. The advice is to remove the unit and return it to the place where you bought it for a refund or further advice. The alarms are approximately 11cm in diameter. The Lloytron item is in blue packaging and the PowerPlus item is sold with blue and yellow packaging. The BSS believes carbon monoxide alarms made to the international standard EN 50291 and installed according to the manufacturer’s guidelines can give boaters reassurance, but they should be used alongside a policy of maintaining and using gas, coal, wood and oil-burning appliances according to instructions. There is further information on carbon monoxide in the BSS leaflet, ‘Avoiding the Silent Threat’, available from the BSS Office (01923 201278) and on the BSS website:

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