Boat Fire and Carbon Monoxide Risks – Tips to pass on

Wise up to boat fire and carbon monoxide (CO) risks – pass these tips on


During Boat Fire Safety Week 2014 (26-30 May), the national campaign by Fire Kills and the Boat Safety Scheme (BSS), boat owners are being asked to pass on tips from the BSS website and leaflets that help skippers and their crews to stay safe from fire and carbon monoxide (CO) risks.


In the past 20 years over thirty boaters were killed in boat fires and just over thirty have lost their lives to the ‘silent killer’ carbon monoxide. This year has already seen one fatal boat fire and three people die from CO poisoning.


Timing the week or the start of the peak boating season, the request to boat owners is to take a moment to follow the fire and carbon monoxide safety tips found in the Fire Kills and Boat Safety Scheme leaflets, websites, twitter feeds and Facebook walls.


In particular the BSS and other organisations will be Tweeting and posting tips and prompt sheets during the week with the hope that boaters will not just act on the advice, but  pass it on too.


Whether it is favouriting, retweeting, blogging, emailing, circulating leaflets, giving a boat club talk, or simply chatting with your neighbouring moorers, the ultimate aim is to see more boaters safety self-aware and respecting the various risks found on a boat.


BSS Manager Graham Watts said:

During Boat Fire Safety Week, in marinas and on moorings across the UK, firefighters will be talking to thousands of boat owners in handing out leaflets to alert people to the risks and help them protect themselves and their passengers.


Hopefully the advice and safety messages will be picked up and passed on along the towpaths, pontoons and berths to help reduce the numbers of incidents.


The Fire Safety on Boats leaflet provides tips on how to protect your boat and, most importantly, your crew from fire, as well as what to do if a fire breaks out.  This leaflet together with Carbon Monoxide Safety on Boats is available at boatyards and marinas.


Boat Fire Safety Week again has the support of the Royal Yachting Association, The Maritime and Coastguard Agency and the Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI).


RNLI Coastal Safety Manager Will Stephens said,

“The RNLI is happy to support Boat Fire Safety Week. In 2012 the charity’s lifeboats launched to 81 incidents involving boat fires and a further 77 in 2013. If we can all help raise awareness of the actions that boat users can take to help prevent fire, and the sources of potential risk, more people can continue to enjoy their boating and avoid a potential tragedy”


For further information about Boat Fire Safety Week and boat fire and CO safety advice, visit

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