Boat Safety Scheme Advisory Committee December meeting report

  • Boaters are informed there is a Boaters Safety DVD available, click here for more information.


  • The committee supports a project by the Boat Safety Scheme and British Marine Federation jointly to study the risks posed by CO emissions from both engine and diesel heater exhausts in view of recent incidents.


  • Several BSS examination ‘fail’ items have significant numbers since their introduction in January 2013:

3.8.1A Are all a.c. shore-power and battery charging lead inlet connections of the correct type and in good condition, and suitably protected from the weather? -185 fails.

3.8.2A Are all shore-power, battery charging and other a.c. power source lead connections of a suitable type. – 50 fails.

3.8.3A Are all shore-power, battery charging and other a.c. power source leads and connections in good condition? – 57 fails.

3.9.1A Is it impossible to connect simultaneously more than one power source to the a.c. distribution system? – 67 fails.

3.9.2A Do all a.c. electrical circuits pass through a consumer unit? – 324 fails.

Editor’s note: This is an advisory check only but is an important and useful safety protection. Compliance is recommended and may be required by your insurers.

8.10.5A Are all solid fuel appliances free of unintended gaps? – 241 fails.


These are easily checked and boaters are encouraged to carry out their own checks NOW.


  • An incident where a boating couple fell ill and their boats CO alarm activated, caused by fumes from an adjacent boats diesel heater exhaust was reported and recorded.

Editors note: Thanks for information supplied by a TBA member.


  • Of 214 incidents involving BSS examined craft in 10 months to November 2013 65 were in relation to fire/explosion, including immediate risk of. This is by far the largest group of incidents. Of this group 10 were caused by electrical faults, 11 by solid fuel stoves and unfortunately in 23 cases the cause has not been identified sufficiently to date.


  • During the same period there were 2 cases of death from Carbon Monoxide poisoning.


  • Under the management of the BSS a Hirer Safety Review is being carried out for Navigation Authorities.
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