Boat Safety Scheme Officers Report

Significant risks, drawn from Boat Safety incident and accident data for the 9 months to end of October 2016.

Of 133 reported incidents/accidents 55 were fire or explosion (including the immediate risk of)

Within these numbers 11 were related to electrical installations and systems plus 12 related to solid fuel stoves.

54 were collision, grounding or sinking. Of these 35 were sinking which includes lock hang-ups.

Regrettably there were 6 fatalities; due to explosion/fire – 1 person, carbon monoxide poisoning – 2 persons, MOB/capsizing/collision – 3 persons.. Additionally 17 persons were recorded as major injuries (IE: treated in hospital).

Many incidents do go unreported and thus the risks may be even greater, , you may know of some.

If any of these risks could possibly be relevant to you or your boat please consider your safety and take action where appropriate, we care about you. If you want further details of any particular incident/accident please contact The Boating Association.


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