Vacancy for a User Group Representative on the BSS Management Committee

Due to a resignation there is a vacancy for a User Group representative on the BSS Management Committee.

The following information is drawn from information provided the last time a vacancy occurred and may help identify suitable persons.

The BSS Management Committee is responsible for the overall management of the Boat Safety Scheme on behalf of the Navigation Authorities including the quality, cost effectiveness, long term viability and adding or removing BSS requirements. More information is available here

• Candidates must have access to email and the internet and (in the near future) be prepared to utilise the planned secure BSS committee member website in order to view and review uploaded documents.
• Note that no names or contact details of committee members are published outside of the BSS committees.
• Two meetings of the BSS Management Committee are scheduled to take place each year, in March and December respectively, but the frequency of meetings may reduce or increase as the level of activity demands. Candidates must be able to routinely attend these meetings and, if required, prepare a brief report of meetings for the BSSAC user group reps.
• Meetings are generally held in the Westminster area of London and generally last between 11.00 and 14.00. Much of the work of committee members is done in advance of meetings in response to committee papers.
• The initial tenure of the position is three years, although this can be extended by agreement.
• Bearing in mind that the BSS Management Committee can sign-off on new BSS construction and equipment requirements that could affect owners’ ability to enjoy their boats, it’s essential that the committee achieves the right person. It is anticipated that the selected candidate will act as the conscience of the committee at the point of the decision and after the user interests have been vocalised at the BSS Advisory Committee.
• This role will be considered as representative of users generally and it follows that the successful candidate must have credibility in the eyes of anyone who may challenge why one person was chosen above another. However, there is no requirement for any candidate to hold a position of office within any boating organisation.

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