IMPORTANT – Holme Lock

Whilst carrying out the planned repairs to the gate at Holme Lock, the floor of the lock downstream of the bottom gates suffered a failure resulting in a large ingress of water.  Although the precise nature of the failure is under investigation we believe that weathering over many years of the mercia mudstone underlying the concrete floor has created sizable voids.  These voids have allowed the passage of water to the underside of the lock floor.  The removal of the water from the lock to carry out the works to the gate created a pressure head resulting in a force on the lock floor that has caused the damage.

Investigations are underway to define the extent of the problem and we anticipate that the design and implementation of a solution will soon be underway.  As the extent of the voids is unknown, it is difficult to be precise at this stage, but we expect the solution will involve the grouting of the voids.  Repairs to the gate are still proceeding, and so once the floor is repaired we can return to the planned works to replace the gate support and cill and re-install the gate.

We appreciate this delay will cause a great deal of disruption and we will do everything we can to get the lock back into full working order as soon as we possibly can, but our estimate at this stage is that the works could take up to the 16th May.

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