IMPORTANT – River Trent Between Cromwell Lock and Nether Lock

The navigation has been closed as the weir boom above Cromwell Weir broke during exceptionally high winds on the 5th December.

We are sourcing new materials to repair or replace the boom and although a precise programme for completion of the works is not yet available, it seems likely that it will be mid-February before the works can be completed.

We appreciate that such a long closure would be extremely frustrating for boaters and so our Direct Services team have sourced a temporary boom which they are planning to have installed by the 10th January, so that we can reopen the navigation whilst we await repair or replacement of the permanent boom.

Further details and regular updates regarding our notices can always be found on our website by following the link below.


Notice Details


From Date:

5th December 2015 at 13:00

To Date:

until further notice


Navigation Closure


Structure failure


The navigation has been closed due to the weir boom breaking free at Cromwell Weir; the boom can’t
be put back into place at this time due to the high water levels in this area,as soon as the water level returns to required level the boom will be reinstated

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