CRT Council Private Boating Representatives voting

Some members of the council are due for renewal in 2020. Importantly to The Boating Association members this includes 4 private boating representative posts. Nominations for these posts has closed and there are 34 hopeful candidates.

The timetable for voting commences on 20th January and closes on 14th February. If you are a boat licence holder YOU are eligible to vote and will receive an email from CRT with a unique pin number and access details to the voting portal. Voting is only on-line and via this portal.

Eligible voters will each have a single transferable vote, this means you place your choices in your order of choice i.e. first choice number 1, second choice number 2 etc.

It is not compulsory to vote for all candidates, what is important is that we all vote for your Chairman, Jon Skinner.

Historically river and river estuary users have been overlooked by CRT, in fact it has been said that CRT think they only have canals.
To ensure we have representation and a voice please do not waste your vote but ensure you vote for Jon.

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TBA Members: We Need You!

Are you interested in our waterways?
Would you like to contribute to running your Boating Association?

We are looking for interested, and active, boaters as we need as many thoughts and ideas as possible to help to keep the Boating Association representative of the boating community!

Joining the committee is not a demanding role and will not require too much of your time.
You will only be asked to formally meet two or three times each year, usually in the Newark area, at other times we keep in touch and reach agreement by electronic means.

If you feel you could contribute , or have any questions, please contact:

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Liverpool University Boat Club

It is with great pleasure that we can announce that this year we are sponsoring the Liverpool University Boat Club.

The text below was posted today on the Liverpool University Boat Club page:
Each year we run a week long training camp, which greatly enhances our performance. In 2020 we are taking 3 coaches and 45 athletes to the north of France.
This year, we have been lucky enough to be sponsored by The Boating Association, who have kindly donated £500. This will pay for one of our coaches and also cover the majority of our transport fees.
On behalf of LUBC, we would like to say a huge thank you to The Boating Association for your generosity.
This donation will greatly benefit the development of our squads.

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Notice Alert: Stamp End Lock, River Witham

Monday 28 October 2019 until Friday 31 January 2020 23:59

Contractors (JBA Bentley) working on behalf of the Environment Agency are replacing the sluices at Stamp End.

During the works, the operation of the lock will be unaffected, however the flood warning lights at Stamp End and Brayford Pool will be set to “Navigation Flow Intermediate – Proceed with caution” as they are no longer automatically activated from the EA Water Level System.
The Trust will manually control the lights to “navigation flow high – Do Not Proceed” on receipt of information from the EA during the works.
This information will only be available during office hours and may lag actual navigation flow conditions, extra care should be taken at all times before proceeding. If in doubt do not navigate, seek further advice.

You can view this notice and its map online here:

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Discount for members
TBA members will receive 10% discount on purchase when adding theboatingassociation10 at checkout.

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