Port of Boston, trainee position opportunity

We’ve been contacted by Captain Richard Walker, the Port of Boston Harbourmaster, anyone who might be interested in this position, please respond directly to Captain Walker no later than 17th October. richardwalker@portofboston.co.uk

“We will be recruiting a person to commence training in the Marine Department in December of this year, and thought looking to our local boating clubs would be a great place to start.

Primary duties will include working as a deckhand during tidal hours (day and night) on the ports pilot cutter, maintenance and operational duties on the ports craft (dredger, tug, cutters etc)
Other duties may include stevedoring and other operational activities throughout the port as and when required.

The successful applicant will be responsible to the Marine Foreman as his line manager.

No previous experience is necessary however any applicants should be over 18 years old and medically fit (passing an ML5 or ENG 1 will be a necessity). Those with an RYA qualification and an interest in boats will be considered favourably, but not exclusively as training will be given as appropriate to reach RYA standards.

We are looking for a keen person who has a flexible approach to working hours and duties and is able to work in the strange and often unsociable hours of tides.

Should you know of anyone who may fit the bill, please request that they contact me in the first instance with a CV and reasons why they think they would be a suitable employee within the Port of Boston.”

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