Report into the Inquiry into the Progress and Future Aims of the Canal & River Trust Waterway Partnerships


The All Party Parliamentary Group for Waterways, led by Sir Tony Baldry MP and Huw Irranca-Davies MP, both former Waterways Ministers, have conducted an Inquiry to evaluate the progress of the Canal and River Trust (CRT) Waterway Partnerships in England and Wales and to understand their future plans. This report details the findings of that Inquiry together with recommendations for the Partnerships and other relevant bodies.
In its plans for “A New Era for the Waterways” published in March 2011 the Government proposed that new Canal & River Trust Waterway Partnerships be established in each of the managed waterways areas as part of the new governance arrangements for the Canal and River Trust (CRT).
The thirteen CRT Waterway Partnerships have now been established and the CRT describes their purpose on its website as to “help shape plans for each waterway. They guide the Trust’s decisions about spending and help develop local engagement, external funding while championing the interests of the waterways.”

For the full report please click here.


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