Respect the Water Campaign

Merchant Navy Association (MNA) Boat Club joins forces with the RNLI to promote the RNLI’s Respect the Water Campaign on the UK’s inland waterways

On behalf of the MNA Boat Club I’m delighted to announce the launching of a new joint working relationship between the MNA Boat Club and the Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI).  I am delighted that the hugely respected RNLI has recognised the experience, skill and knowledge of MNA members by choosing to work with the MNA Boat Club.  The RNLI has now extended the opportunity to all members of the MNA with an invitation for them to play a part in promoting the RNLI’s “Respect the Water” campaign aimed at significantly reducing the 200 plus fatalities each year as a result of drowning.

“I am delighted to be working alongside the MNA with this initiative. We have a variety of ways of promoting our safety messages, but nothing beats a face to face conversation with a knowledgeable person. MNA members acting as RNLI Community Safety Volunteers will be able to pass on their experience and knowledge to others in order to save more lives around our coasts and waterways.” Steve Instance, RNLI Community Safety Partner.

It has now been agreed that members of the MNA Boat Club should be invited to take on the role of RNLI Community Safety Volunteer (CSVs) for all the inland waterways of the UK and Ireland – e.g. rivers, canals, lakes, The Broads, The Fens, etc. At the same time any members of the MNA  interested in joining an existing RNLI Community Safety Team attached to a Lifeboat station will be offered an opportunity to do this’

So what exactly does being an RNLI CSV entail?

Essentially being an RNLI CSV involves establishing and maintaining good relationships with organisations involved in activities on or around our inland waters, such as boatyards, marinas, boat hire operators, sailing clubs, lock-keepers etc. and affording them the benefit of our members’ extensive professional expertise and experience in terms of giving relevant maritime safety advice to these organisations and, where appropriate, also to members of the public.  CSV’s will also seek out opportunities e.g. boat shows, boat jumbles, regattas etc. to promote the RNLI’s safety messages.

As a RNLI Community Safety Volunteers MNA Boat Club members will normally be affiliated to an RNLI Community Safety Team based at an RNLI lifeboat station.

For further information please contact:  MNA Boat Club Commodore and Weymouth RNLI Community Safety Officer Clive Edwards.or go to

Tel: 01305 781725 Email: or

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