River Derwent – Elvington Lock – Please read and share your views

River Derwent – Elvington Lock

 Recently two of our committee members attended a ‘drop-in’ session run by the Environment Agency (EA) regarding the current situation.

 The vertical guillotine lock gate was closed to boaters by the EA in February 2014 as they were concerned about the gates condition and the safety of their employees and boaters. This caused the cancellation of a planned cruise here for summer 2014 plus also there remains 20 or so craft above the lock.

In the period since its closure an assessment of the structure has been carried out and this confirms it is not safe to use in it’s current state. If kept closed it should be safe for around another 5 years before further repair work is required. To change back to a functional lock now would require significant repair work.

The EA decided to incorporate assessment of the lock structure and lower wooden radial gates at the same time. The lower wooden gates were installed in 1970 and are the responsibility of Yorkshire Wildlife Trust.

The EA advise that they are keen to accommodate the needs of everyone who uses the river, as far as is possible but their decision will have to take into account best use of public money.

Opportunity was taken to have recorded that as far as The Boating Association was concerned it was imperative that the length of navigation above the lock was not lost to visiting boaters and in the overall cost of waterways the amount required to secure this was not huge.

Members are urged to repeat this message whenever they have the opportunity.

If you want to express your views directly on this matter please use this email –  mark.reid@environment-agency.gov.uk


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