River usage initiative, a word from our Chairperson, Jon Skinner

Request from our Chairperson..

“We are currently involved with the CRT and the IWA on a programme to encourage the use (primarily) of the River Trent. This hopefully can be rolled out to all similar rivers.

There are many different ways that we can encourage new boaters and sometimes it’s the ‘Towpath Telegraph’ that has put them off (you know the many myths that surround the tidal stretch). We all appreciate the dangers and give the river great respect and with a little planning the tidal stretch can be enjoyed as much as the next stretch of river.

We are looking at the reasons that we believe boaters do not want to use the River Trent and would welcome your thoughts on this.
Personally when I’ve heard that a boater is about to embark on the river, I’m more than happy to help.

Please can River Trent users and enthusiasts share some of your experiences, positive / negative so we can perhaps learn from them.
Also if you haven’t yet ventured onto the River Trent, why? What are your reasons?

Do you frequent a different tidal river, what are your experiences?

Any and all feedback greatly appreciated, please email Jon direct here – Jon Skinner

Or join the conversation on our Facebook page here – Facebook


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