Recently there have been complaints from Boaters that Anglers have been accusing them of speeding, stating that the limit is 4 mph. Having discussed this with the Angling Trust it would appear that some Anglers who fish the Trent believe this is the correct limit. It has also become apparent that Boaters using their speed logs are running at 6 Knots which is 6.9 mph.

The correct speed limit from Gainsborough Road Bridge to Nottingham upriver is 6 mph (5.2 kt) overground (Not through the water as shown on the speed log) & from Nottingham to Gainsborough Road Bridge downriver is 8 mph (6.9 kt). Downriver of Gainsborough Road Bridge there is no speed limit except when passing West Stockwith & Keadby Locks. To adhere to the speed limit it is better to use GPS set to mph.

The Angling Trust are updating there members with the correct limits.

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