VHF Communications within the Port of Boston Jurisdiction.



Date: 13 June 2012 

To all concerned,

 We would like to bring to your attention the need for all vessels navigating within the Ports Jurisdiction Area to monitor VHF Channel 12.


Today we have had an incident at the dock entrance of a small yacht “Spring Time” interfering with the departing vessel Sormovskiy 3064. Despite attempts by the pilot to contact the yacht on VHF Ch 12, no response was received. The departing vessel is a maximum size vessel for the port, has extremely limited room for manoeuvre and was forced to stop part way through the lock until it was considered safe to continue.


Another incident occurred a few minutes ago of a narrow boat not responding to a call from the pilot on a different vessel.


Please note that it is a requirement of the Port of Boston under its Annual Standing Notice to Mariners to monitor Ch 12 and an offence under Section 58 of the Merchant Shipping Act for a seaman to omit to do anything that is likely to cause loss, destruction or serious damage to any other ship or structure.


** Note for Grand Sluice and Black Sluice. Following recent incidents, The Port of Boston wish to confirm it considers that the carriage of a marine band radio, capable of receiving and transmitting on VHF Channel 12 is important to the safety of shipping movements in the river and expects that the lock keepers at their respective stations ensure that every vessel proceeding into the tidal waters is equipped with the necessary VHF Radio.**


Please forward this message to those persons within your organisation that should be made aware.



Capt Richard Walker

Harbour Master

01205 365571

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