Warning to boaters regarding fishing line at head height

Warning to boaters on behalf of Marnham Boat Club

Please be aware of the danger of strong fishing lines at head height across the river. Enclosed below is an extract on the subject. Two lines can just be seen in the attached photograph.

In turn boaters are reminded to slow down when in the vicinity of fishermen.

That was the last time we spoke with regard to concerns about fishing lines across the Trent around the South Clifton area and towards Newark. Since then we are pleased to say there have been no reports of problems. Fingers crossed lets hope this remains throughout the 2016 season. You mentioned you would kindly make a note on the Scunthorpe Pisces Angling Club website showing the presence of the ski zones and the dangers of using high strength braided line across the full width of the river and left at a height that could easily cause injury to persons in boats and water skiers.  You also mentioned that you would advise fishermen to lower their rods when a boat passes by if they think there is a danger of this occurring.

The Marnham Boat Club had their AGM on Wednesday (27th) and I mentioned speaking to you on this subject and also stressed the need for our members to avoid skiing unnecessarily close to fishermen. Their main cause for concern is when there are anglers fishing from a tight bend in the river and their presence is obscured by reeds etc. As you will appreciate boaters need to observe the rules of navigation i.e. keeping to the right when passing other craft, and therefore they must to adhere to these rules for safety reasons particularly on and around bends in the river.

Should you have any feed back from anglers who have a grievance with a particular boater can you advise them to seek their details particularly the boat number so we can identify the person concerned. Likewise I have advised our members to do the same and hopefully resolve any issues there are.

On behalf of the Marnham Boat Club I wish you a happy 2016 fishing season.


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