East Midlands Waterway – Southern User Group Minutes

East Midlands Waterway – Southern Waterway Forum Date 20 October 2015

Venue Nottingham Sailing Club, West Bridgford

Attendees Name Representative of Sean McGinley Canal & River Trust David Godfrey Canal & River Trust Liz Fleuty Canal & River Trust Dave Turner Nottingham Anglers Association James Brown Nottingham Piscatorial Society Diane Warner DBA The barge association Norman Cornwell ECPDA Nigel Nurse Nottingham Sailing Club Margaret Nurse Nottingham Sailing Club Cliff Butterworth DBA The barge association Heather Bryce CC Howard Smith AWCC Yvonne Shattower ECPDA Sally King NABO Trevor Wilkinson Nottingham Federation of Anglers Mike Harrison HNBC Val Roberts HNBC Archie Roberts IWA Jackie Morrice IWA David Kent L.E. Victoria AS M Lakin Nottingham Federation of Anglers Mike Stone Grantham Canal Society Robert Aspey RBOA David Fallows Parkside AC Mick Golds ECPDA Carole Golds ECPDA Chris Page British Canoeing Dave Johnson CMBC Nancy Johnson CMBC Terence Balchin AWCC & DMBC
Apologies -Norman Mason, Ian McLaughlin, Jon Skinner, Joan Jamieson

Agenda Item:
Action by:
1. Minutes of previous meeting
Erewash Canal Towpath – Gadsby’s bridge to Langley Mill. The ECPDA have volunteered to carry out works to improve this section of towpath with CRT providing guidance and materials.
Slowing cyclists on the Notts Beeston Towpath Signs and markings will be installed on the Notts Beeston Towpath over the winter.
Use of Rivers The survey research concluded that we should look into (a) a buddying system, (b) Installing the charts on Google Maps, (c) Improving the publicity of the charts and (d) creating and App or video to help with navigation. On this last point, CRT are working with Nottingham Trent University to develop this.
It was reported that the charts had a missing section between Newark Bridge and Nether Lock – SM to advise the TBA
Lincoln Visitor Moorings CRT were thanked for extending the moorings and were asked to extend them even further. DG responded that each time the moorings team had a vacancy along this section they were happy to hand it over to be used as a visitor mooring.
On the subject of visitor moorings it was pointed out that those at Gunthorpe were not being used effectively as some boaters chose to moor in the middle rather than the end.
Strategic Plan SM has now posted YS a copy.
Trent Lock – rubbish collecting above the gates DG confirmed that he had instructed the team to clean the site more often.
Trees near Marton Mill The two trees in question will be attended to by the end of October 2015.
Overstaying SM had passed on the information about the boat overstaying near Potters Lock to the enforcement team. CG reported that it had now moved to Shipley. SM to pass this on.
Erewash Dredging Mark Weatherall has sent details to MG
Installation of long bars at Sandiacre Lock to hold the gates shut SM reported that the Heritage Advisor had suggested that we would not get permission considering that it was a conservation area. CG suggested that we should apply anyway. SM to take this forward.

2 National Update
 SM confirmed that Vince Moran would be leaving at Christmas and that Ian Rogers, currently Head of Customer Services, will become Director of Customer Service and Operations and in addition to his current responsibilities, the Waterways Managers will move across to report to him. SM explained that the waterway had been experiencing some problems with water levels at the top of the Chesterfield. This was due in part to some works needed to Harthill Reservoir which had been delayed due to access issues. SM advised the group that the APM had recently been held at Lincoln University and had seemed to go very well and he was open to ideas on the location of the next one and the content.
SM advised the group that the first Nottingham Canal Festival had been held recently and the general opinion was that that it had been a success. SM thanked everyone for their help in promoting the event and for their participation. SM went on to say that they would be collecting feedback to iron out some of the problems (e.g. parking) that complicated the day. SM confirmed that Tony Hales had stepped down as Chair and had been replaced by Alan Leighton. CRT have set up the Million Hands project with the Scouting Association aimed at giving scouts the opportunity to take part in some social action activities. Any local scout group can take part so the group members can forward ideas to SM. SM advised the group that winter moorings were now available to be booked at a number of sites in the East Midlands. These are from the 1st November to the 29th February. SM advised the group that all visitor moorings reverted to 14 day stays in winter unless signed to say for example “Max Stay 48h including Winter”. This is from 1st November to the 31st March or Good Friday if earlier (as it is in 2016).
SM read out a report from the enforcement team which included:
 The team now have Ipads with apps that determine how long a boat has stayed at a location (whilst they are on site)  New process has started with 3 reminders being sent before the enforcement process begins.  In September, 60 overstay letters were sent out for the East Midlands area.  Fresh drive on continuous cruisers – craft that don’t cruise are having restrictions placed on their licences unless they secure a home mooring.  10 boats have been removed in the last 6 months from the East Midlands. TW asked SM about the boats outside Castle Marina. SM to check

SM 3 Works Update Winter Stoppages 2015 – 2016
Erewash Canal – Barkers Lock 2nd November 2015 to 14th December

Scheduled Works
Erewash Canal Trent Lock – Offside ground paddle repairs (over winding), completed.
Sandiacre Lock – Lock chamber & ladder recess brickwork repairs, offside ground paddle (not fully opening) & towpath ground paddle not fully closing. Completed.
Mills Footbridge (Br. 2) – Stepped access repairs, completed.
Blacks Bridge (Br. 21) – Access & safety improvements, bridge approach barrier fencing. Open section infilled with mesh panels, completed
Notts Beeston Canal / Upper Trent Beeston Lock – Upstream waterside fence extension, lock to approach moorings, completed.
Castle Lock / Castel Meadows – Towpath surface repairs (tree roots lifting teg setts), setts lifted and relayed.
Magistrates Court frontage – Towpath surface (teg setts) relayed 25m section to court frontage. Complete
Meadow Lane Lock – Baffles installed to top gates, complete
Turners Quay overflow weir – Installation of weir crest access & inspection platform, completed
Cranfleet Lock – Top gate walkways replaced to both gates, complete
Grantham Canal Moors Bridge – Towpath bollards installation to prevent unauthorised vehicular access, completed.
Skinners Lock / Lock house – Bank protection repairs towpath side, completed.
Smite Feeder – CRT offside access improvements, footbridge replacement, complete
Culvert 3 (Towpath & Offside Headwalls) – Headwall repair & replacement, completed
Cotgrave Country Park – Towpath access improvements, prevention of unauthorised access & barrier installation. Completed
Reactive Works Erewash Canal – Underwater channel obstacle removed, ex towpath side upstream of Dockholme Lock.
Upper Trent – Sawley Flood Lock, lock gate collar replacement top gate.
Upper Trent – Sawley Lock 1, lock gate collar replacement top gate.
4 Items raised by Member Progress Report on the campaign to promote boating on the River Trent (Robert Aspey) SM referred to the update given earlier in the meeting.
Gunthorpe Weir land slip, update on removal (David Turner) SM confirmed that the job had not been forgotten about but would probably now be done next financial year. SM to chase this. DT asked if a temporary measure could be put in place. SM to consider this.
Low water levels on the Grantham Canal and Aquatic Vegetation (David Turner) SM was fairly sure there had been no interruption in supply but would look into this, along with a check on any leaks. DT asked for some works to be done to remove the Norfolk Reeds between Cotgrave and Ladybay. SM to take this forward. MS suggested the construction of the A46 may have interrupted the water supply. SM to discuss this with the water team. DT thought the culvert near Hollygate lane was leaking since it had been installed by Gallfords. SM to check.

Short Term unpowered craft licence, are the details adequate (David Turner) DT commented that he had encountered a group of canoeist who had being using private land and making a nuisance of themselves but had said they had bought one day licences. He suggested that the licences need to have better information about what the licence does not entitle you to do and we need to be more discerning about who we sell them to. SM to enquire as to the possibility of improving the information given with a licence and limiting sales to those who would act responsibly.

Towpath Cycling Events (Dave Turner) DT questioned SM’s reasoning for recently allowing a cycle event on the NottsBeeston towpath. SM responded that if they apply and they have an adequate risk assessment and insurance certificate that there is no reason to deny them access on the basis that on any given day a group of cyclists could decide to cycle down the towpath without informing CRT. There was then a discussion on speed and SM confirmed he would not allow a cycle race on the towpath and confirmed that the recent event was not a race. After a lengthy discussion, SM agreed to pose the question at the national waterway managers meeting about whether we should allow any cycling events on our towpaths.

Pigeon Poo under the bridges on the Notts Beeston Towpath (Mike Stone) MS asked if something could be done to clean up the pigeon poo under the bridges on the Notts Beeston Towpath. SM said he would contact NCC to discuss this.

No signage to designate navigation on Lady Bay Bridge and Trent Bridge (Mike Stone) SM recalled this had been discussed before but could not recall the outcome. SM to investigate the need and the solution.

Poor signage of obstacles on the River Trent between Cranfleet and Beeston (Mike Stone) MS suggested that floods had removed some of the safety signage that now needed replacing. SM to investigate.

When will the paddles gear on the Erewash be fixed (Howard Smith) SM responded that two sets would be done this winter and it was already planned to install 3 in 1 gearing at two sites starting in April. These sites are Stenson’s Lock & Gallows Inn Lock – Top Gates at both locksites

Availability of Electricity on Visitor Moorings (Nancy Johnson) NJ commented that she had had trouble with electric cards at 4 sites with £8.40 cards and had been refunded 1 card by Cheryl. SM to ask Cheryl to contact Nancy to discuss this with her. NJ questioned why the electricity at Boston was only for residential moorers with a pin number and so cards could not be used. SM apologised for this but commented that it was a consequence of having a site with both long term and visitor moorings.

Illegal Fishing at Colwick It was reported that there was a shed upstream of Colwick Railway Bridge on the Trent that permanently had 8 rods / 24 hours a day fishing. SM to pass details to the Environment Agency.

Next Meeting: Tuesday 22nd March 2016 – Nottingham Sailing Club 7pm to 9pm