North East Waterways User Group Minutes


Title East Midlands Waterway – Northern User Group Meeting  
Date 8 October 2013  
Venue Retford and Worksop Boat Club  


Representative of

Sean McGinley Canal and River Trust – East Midlands
Stuart Gadsby Canal and River Trust – East Midlands
David Godfrey Canal and River Trust – East Midlands
Wayne Ball Canal and River Trust – East Midlands
Stuart Garner Canal and River Trust – Enforcement
John Baylis IWA
Ray Rogers TBA
Dave Carnell IWA
Penny Carnell IWA
 Richard Allsopp RWBC
Les Reid Newark Crusader
Harry Richardson RWBC
Julie Drakett Towpath user / CCT
George Drakett Towpath user / CCT
J Morley Sheffield Boat Club
D Frost Marnham Boat Club
Shirley Rogers BMYC
Mick Sheehan West Stockwith Yacht Club
Barry Sweet Scunthorpe & District
Julian Chambers Torksey Boat Club
 Adrian Pailthorpe Lincoln Boat Club
Simon Breeze Lincoln Residential
Malcom Fielding SY IWA
Martin Long West Stockwith Linear Moorings
Ron Careless WSYC
Pat Careless WSYC
Chris Turner RWBC
Arthur Naylor RWBC





Maurice Perry
Gordon Spurr
Keith van Burgen
Michael Edwards
Chris Hayes
Steve Hayes
David Pullen


























Action by:


Actions from last meeting:


Illegal Fishing at Bardney                                                                                                                                    SM has contacted the EA about illegal fishing



Visitor moorings

SM now has a map / list of all the visitor moorings proposed by users. This will be used when funding becomes available to install new visitor moorings.



Lincoln Residential MooringsLights                                                                                                                         This issue has now been resolved.




Thank you to all those who have informed us about the location of weed around the waterway over the summer, especially to Shirley Rogers. Note with minutes: total expenditure on channel weed management since April 1st to date is £108,000



Security at West Stockwith

SG has installed a new gate at West Stockwith.



Bardney Lock Swingbridge and bollards

The swingbridge is to be removed to solve the issues at this lock. The timescale is to be confirmed. Works  to include the removal of the lock-side access ramp to aid access along lock edge.




Trees and Reeds below stamp end

DG reported that we had attempted to remove the reeds and weeds below Stamp End Lock but the EA had prevented the works being completed because of approvals required. DG to continue to progress this work.





Fishing  / Security at Torksey Moorings

This issue is with the moorings team to resolve as part of a scheme to improve security and access to the visitor moorings down the back of the flood wall.


SM will look into the logistics of moving the finger visitor moorings nearer the lock by checking the available space.




Moorings team





Leaking sewage at shireoaks pumpout

The leak has now been fixed.



Attachment for taps at Lincoln

JB asked SM to update the group on the latest development relating to taps. SM had no details at the time.


Post meeting note: Around 1150 water points were non-compliant with latest water regulations. Over 600 have already been modified or had new appliance fitted; remainder to be done by end of December. Just under 1000 have either had or will have existing appliance modified or a like for like (cast iron) new appliance fitted. 180 stainless steel “off the shelf” units are to be installed of two standard designs depending on main supply pipe orientation. 100 are already in – mainly to replace poor installations. The stainless units look different, but are sturdy enough. if installed properly they should be around 700mm above ground level. They should be installed with security chains. If theft occurs we can fit anti bolt cropper chains. The total project cost is around £500k and would have been a lot more if we have not used the stainless steel units. The taps ensure there is less chance of cross contamination and fewer freezings. Stop taps mean problems easier to solve without shutting down large areas.





Boom on the River Slea

After some discussion CRT chose not to install a boom on the Slea this year.





‘Could be gold money boxes’ (SR)

CRT are working with a college and have 3 collections boxes on trial. The most popular will be adopted and used throughout the country.







Fishing at West Stockwith basin

SM has forwarded details to the moorings team / John Ellis to see if a solution can be found.


ML asked if the location of angling opposite the linear moorings at West Stockwith could be reviewed. SM to ask John Ellis.









Sewage into the canal at west stockwith

SM reported that a waste surveyor had been to the site but he was unable to pinpoint the exact source and so no action has been possible as yet. No progress since.




Works Update                                                                                                                            


Chesterfield Canal


Weed Removal. Have finished channel weed removal and will be spending the next few weeks concentrating on the encroaching reeds. We’ve had far fewer comments / complaints this year than other years.

Currently on site at Whit Sunday Pie Lock carrying out coir roll works to protect the bank from erosion. Ultimately parts of this section will be dredged as well as the towpath being slightly widen.

On site relaying lock slabs at Turnerwood Double bottom Lock.

Works have been carried out to the d/s approach moorings at Whit Sunday Pie Lock.

Carried out Works to an undermined approach mooring wall at Forest Middle Lock

Had a short stoppage at Morse Lock to replace the fendering and paddles

Improved the sluice door at the canche feeder in Worksop, improving operation.

Replaced Walkboards at Shireoaks Middle and Top Locks, Turnerwood feeder lock


River Trent


Dredging on the River Trent. Currently at Cromwell. Works completed to the lock tails, and many sections on the tidal section have been dredged, including Torksey cut end

New moorings at Holme Lock on low side approach

Inspection of Gunthorpe Weir complete.

Replacement and repair of many of the lock riser wires


Foss Dyke  / Witham


Channel Weed removal seems to have gone well this season.

We have also removed tree debris from various sites


Upcoming Works 


Works at Bardney Lock –  Gate at Fendering and repointing of the quadrants

Dredging at Langrick moorings 

Re–decking of moorings at Gunthorpe, Farndon and Torksey Trentside visitor moorings access ramp with additional float to level off pontoon’s 


Misterton Bottom Lock – 4th to the 25th Nov extended due to extra works. Bottom gates to be replaced along with ladders, new paddles and cills

West Retford Lock 13th to the 27th Jan – Mainly repointing works, along with fixing the leak on bottom cill which will help water retention

Holme Lock  – 17th Feb to the 10th March – Gate inspection

Wiseton Middle Bridge – cancelled



National News                                                                                                                


SM read out the national update notes:

National spend is going to increase from £109m now to £124m in 2015/16.

In detail the dredging budget is going to go up from £3.68m to £9.95m by 2016/17.

Areas for dredging in the East Midlands over the next few years include the Trent, Witham and Erewash; with many other sites around the country.

Surveys to allow planning of dredging will take place around the country and on the Erewash within the East Midlands.

13 open day events have attracted 9000 visitors; during which we managed to sign up 65 friends and received a lot of media coverage.

Currently looking at extra funds this year to carry out additional offside tree works.

Vegetation contract with OCS has been renegotiated and waste management contract with Biffa.

Rebranding will be largely complete nationally by Easter 2014, but possibly by Christmas in the East Midlands.

Our volunteers gave 250,000 hours of their time to help us with our work – which included 370 volunteer lock keepers, 27 adoptions and 90 education volunteers.



Partnership Update

SM summarised the latest news from the partnership inc. details of the consultation on the strategic waterway plan.


Boating and Navigation Workshop – 16th October


Annual Public Meeting – 25th November – invites to follow


SM to re-issue the consultation document as some appear not to have received it










  Item raised by members    
  To the waterway    


SR asked when dredging between Stamp end lock and Bardney lock will take place. SM said that it is currently planned for 2016/17.



RC asked why it was no longer necessary to produce an insurance certificate when getting a licence. SG said that CRT could check on line and do carry out periodic checks on the data. RR asked for details of how many CRT check each year and how many of these have insurance in place. SM to find out.






DC asked about our policy for channel weed cutting on the Grantham Canal. SM explained that CRT’s priority was for the navigable waterways. SG is to work with the GCS to help them develop capacity to allow them to use the Mudlark.




JD gave the meeting an update on volunteers rangers and the benefits to CRT and the individuals.



MS asked why WSYC put up a marquee in the car park on 1st July and left it up for a few months, thus affecting the view of others. SM to inquire.





MS asked about the rules for the use of the mooring outside RWBC club house. SM to check.


Note with minutes: RWBC lease the mooring and allow its use for club members for maintenance and visiting boats. It is not deigned to be used long term, but the club are happy to try to find space for visiting boats who want to stay longer.




  To the moorings Team    


MS asked when the water supply would be returned to the moorings at West Stockwith. SM to pass enquiry to the moorings team.

Moorings Team



An update was requested about security improvements at Shireoaks. SM to pass enquiry to the moorings team.

Moorings Team

Date Of Next Meeting Tuesday 11th March 2014 at 7pm
Location Of Next Meeting Pyewipe Inn, Lincoln