Navigation and Towpath Restrictions on Aire + Calder Main Line & New Junction Canal

At the intersection of Lock 13, Pollington Lock to New Bridge on Aire & Calder Navigation Main Line along with the Went End Aqueduct to Went End Aqueduct on New Junction Canal there are currently Navigation and Towpath Restrictions in place until further notice. These have been brought into place as lengths of the bank above and below the breach site at New
Bridge have suffered extensive damage due to the bank breaching in November. Repairs are
scheduled to take place during 2022 on going into 2023. 

Advice for Boaters

No mooring or overnight staying in the section from:

200m west of New Bridge (Grid Reference SE67608 20410) to
Went Aqueduct (SE 65002 18441) and Pollington Lock (SE 61644 19194)

Some of the above areas listed may have underwater obstructions present in these sections, but these have recently been marked with yellow/orange buoys. Please reduce your crafts speed through the breach site to minimise further bank damage. When navigating keep to the centre line where possible. When passing other craft keep a minimum of 4m from the bank edge where possible. Do not navigate between the marker buoys and the bank edge – keep out of these areas.

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