TBA Annual General Meeting – 7th November 2021

Location for this years event: Leicester Trader 1pm Newark

Please contact us if you require travel directions.

Itinerary for the meeting:

  • Apologies
  • Previous minutes
  • Chairman’s Report
  • BSS Officer
  • Treasurers
  • TBA Charts
  • Website/Facebook/Membership
  • NINF update
  • Election of Officers
  • AOB

Hope to see many of you there, safe travels everyone!

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Report on carbon monoxide poisoning of two friends in York – learn the lessons from this repeated story

The Boat Safety Scheme (BSS) is asking boaters to learn the lessons when, for the second time in six years, two inland boaters have died in a craft having equipment DIY installed with improvised, unsuitable exhaust systems and no working carbon monoxide (CO) alarms, according to the Marine Accident Investigation Branch report published today on the vessel Diversion, on which two friends died in York on 4 December 2019.

The events of Easter 2013 on Lake Windermere that saw a mother and daughter die on a sports cruiser when exhaust fumes from DIY exhaust filled the cabin space were sadly repeated on Diversion. The wrong-sized automotive silencer was fitted to the diesel-fuelled heater and then was wrapped in exhaust foil hiding the problem until the MAIB investigation revealed the cause and the source of the highly toxic gas.

The report shows that lethal amounts of toxic CO were being pumped into the cabin as the leak in the exhaust was only a few millimetres away from the circulatory warm air intake on the heater and all this was happening without warning, as a CO alarm had been removed.

The BSS urges boater owners to look after themselves and their fellow crew members by ensuring that any appliances and systems used on the boat are installed safely by competent fitters, then run according to the instructions, and kept in good condition with routine professional maintenance.

The BSS manager, Kevin Tyson, wishes to remind boaters of the following:

‘The last line of defence against either CO from equipment on your boat or CO caused by sources beyond your boat is a suitable working CO alarm which is compulsory for boats with cabins on most inland waterways.’


You can read more about what you need to do to protect yourself and your crew from the risk of being poisoned by CO on the BSS website at www.boatsafetyscheme.org/CO

If you would like to read the full MAIB reports on both the sports cruiser Arniston and the recent report on the Diversion vessel they are provided below:

Arniston report: https://bit.ly/3v4mDq8

Diversion report: https://bit.ly/3aGesZp

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Catching up with the Visitor Moorings on the River Trent & Associated Waterways Group

We are pleased to learn that part of the donation we made to the Visitor Moorings on the River Trent & Associated Waterways group is already being put to good use, for the benefit of us boaters.

‘The Boating Association (TBA) has just met the cost of £70 of materials to repair the flood damage to the visitor moorings at The Ferry Boat Inn, Stoke Bardolph. This includes composite deck boards, gravel, and quick-setting cement.

A planned visit to the moorings around 11 am this Saturday (27/3/21) is being made to undertake the repairs. If anyone else wants to help or just meet up for a “socially distanced” chat and assess what other works could be undertaken at the site, they would be very welcome.

If you do want to do some work and wish to be covered by insurance, being a member of the IWA includes the necessary insurance.

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The Boating Association Boat Safety Scheme Officers Report

Information abstracted from CRT’s BSS Annual report up to 31 December 2020

The review is based on 177 incidents, 6 of these events affected more than one boat. There were 80 fire and CO incidents, including those on coastal waters. 14 of the fire and CO incidents were reported to be on ‘intensively used‘ boats.

During the year there were 5 major injuries from fatal propeller strikes from a combination of man overboard or swimming in the vicinity of the stern. There were 2 other man overboard incidents which led to fatalities due to drowning. There were 11 fires with/without explosions during the period.

The BSS Technical team is watching carefully the progress of an HSE investigation into a house explosion in South Wales as it is believed a propane regulator failed to operate correctly and excessive pressure was delivered to the appliance. The Technical team wishes to learn if there are any transferable implications. The BSS examination report is to have new fields added to record any regulator-related risks.

If you wish for any further information or the full report please let TBA know.

Ray Rogers
TBA BSS Officer


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Boat Owners’ Survey | A Reminder to Take Part

The BSS Boat Owners’ Survey launched last week. I’ve been told that there has been a tremendous response so far with over 750 people taking part already. It’d be great if we could get that number over 1,000.

If you’ve already completed it, thanks… and sorry for clogging up your inbox… as due to the survey being completely anonymous, there is no way of knowing who has or has not completed the survey. Therefore, we need to send email reminders to all of our members.

If you haven’t yet had a chance to take part, then we’d really appreciate it if you could find 5-10 minutes to complete it. You can do this on any device, but our recommendation is to use a laptop or PC rather than a smartphone or tablet.

Here’s the secure link to the survey.


If you have any problems completing the survey, please email the project manager at the market research company who is helping the BSS with the survey – richard.lambert@morale-solutions.co.uk

Ray Rogers
TBA BSS Officer

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