The Boating Association Boat Safety Scheme Officers Report

Information abstracted from CRT’s BSS Annual report up to 31 December 2020

The review is based on 177 incidents, 6 of these events affected more than one boat. There were 80 fire and CO incidents, including those on coastal waters. 14 of the fire and CO incidents were reported to be on ‘intensively used‘ boats.

During the year there were 5 major injuries from fatal propeller strikes from a combination of man overboard or swimming in the vicinity of the stern. There were 2 other man overboard incidents which led to fatalities due to drowning. There were 11 fires with/without explosions during the period.

The BSS Technical team is watching carefully the progress of an HSE investigation into a house explosion in South Wales as it is believed a propane regulator failed to operate correctly and excessive pressure was delivered to the appliance. The Technical team wishes to learn if there are any transferable implications. The BSS examination report is to have new fields added to record any regulator-related risks.

If you wish for any further information or the full report please let TBA know.

Ray Rogers
TBA BSS Officer


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